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an empty shopping mall,plonk the camera on a shiny surface and hey presto:)


an empty shopping mall,plonk the camera on a shiny surface and hey presto:)

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  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 20 Oct 2008, 00:22
Very nice plonk Tim. They really shine that floor, lovely reflection.
tim hitchins: lol yes it was Aussie, polished ready for morning i think lolsmile cheers Aussie.
  • Ada
  • Candy hills and strawberry fields
  • 20 Oct 2008, 03:33
Lovely shot. That's an amazing looking mall...I love to shop...I shop too much Tim...I need help.
tim hitchins: lol no you just need a big bank balance something i don't have lol, you would love this mall Ada very posh indeedsmile Cheers Ada.
  • Affi
  • United States
  • 20 Oct 2008, 04:05
How did you manage to sneak in there when it was all nice and empty? Like the reflection on the floor. Very nice.
tim hitchins: simply walked in through a side door Affi, we were surprised to find no one aroundsmile Glad you liked it budsmile
  • cathy
  • United States
  • 20 Oct 2008, 04:15
Nice reflections. I'm like Ade, can't make out the right side. Looks like some body of water with a small waterfall cascading or it may just be my misty eyes as I reflect on how much money I spent this weekend on some new furniture...lol. You'll be proud of me, I've been taking some photos, but don't have them quite ready yet.....Have a good week. And oh yeah, it must be wonderful to live so near a place such as Roundhay Park. It is beautiful.
tim hitchins: well thats great to hear, not the spending all your money of course lol taking photo's smile the beauty of taking them is every time i look back at them i am instantly reminded of of the day/time whether good or bad for me thats what's life is all about "taking a bucket load of fond memories with you" lol, and yes Roundhay park is a lovely place for sure and only 5mins away. You too have agreat week Cathy hope you don't have to do much over time to pay for that spending spree lolsmile
  • guruh
  • Indonesia
  • 20 Oct 2008, 04:37
wonderful reflection, tim
tim hitchins: well thank you guruhsmile
  • Tracy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 20 Oct 2008, 07:20
What did you do shout fire??smile
Lucky you habong no people around.
Nice shot Timsmile
tim hitchins: lol no there was no one to shout it too, how lucky was that, Cheers Tracy and have a nice daysmile
This is a super photo, and how lucky you were to be there so early in the morning (or late at night).

I don't think that is the floor at all. It's a polished stone wall around an ornamental pool. You put the camera at one end and illusion does the rest. Can;t think what the pool represents - Leeds can't have a marine history, and I don't think it had a spa. Perhaps its really a bar and those taps and "bollards" are fancy modern beer pumps!
Now you can all laugh and tell me what it really is.
tim hitchins: late evening Sheila, and your not too far wrong, the bar was just behind us and those taps are for water....its a fountain smile most appreciated Sheilasmile
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Oct 2008, 09:19
Nice idea Tim and good execution - how long did you have to loiter before everyone had left!
tim hitchins: cheers Mike we just walked in before anyone locked the gate, no one to be seen at all, although i bet i was been watched for sure lol, much appreciated matesmile
  • Padraig
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Oct 2008, 09:32
nice Tim...great perspective and full of colour.

Thats looks like a tap of some sort to me. I think its maybe a wishing well type thing or similar?
tim hitchins: yes i think peeps do throw money in when its turned on, its a fountain smile cheers matey.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Oct 2008, 09:48
This certainly has an eerie feel to it, despite the apparent opulence, or perhaps because of it. Like the shot.
tim hitchins: hmmmm yes i guess your right Ingrid it was rather strange to be the only ones in there, not a cleaner security man or anyone to be seen, glad you liked it Ingrid and enjoy your daysmile
My word isn't it shiny clean. What an amzaing mix of colour and reflections. richard
tim hitchins: lol yes Richard think it had just been polished ready for the next day, lucky ehsmile cheers matey.
Great picture. The credit crunch does have its advantages, empty malls for photographers.
tim hitchins: lol nice one and yes you do need some money in one's pockets to shop in this mall i can tell you, too much for me i am afraid lol, cheerssmile
  • Stan
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Oct 2008, 11:35
Nicely done mate smile
tim hitchins: well thank you Stan and enjoy your day buddiesmile
Voila indeed. don't try it at the Mailbox in Birmingham...they will throw you out!

This has to be the wonderful arcades in Leeds?
tim hitchins: yes Bill it sure is one of the grandest i feel and yes we just walked in a side entrance to find absolutely no one around at all, that said i bet we were been monitored by big brother for suresmileMost appreciated mateysmile
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 20 Oct 2008, 11:59
Great work
tim hitchins: well cheers vintage and have a nice daysmile
This is lovely Tim: you are a master of this sort of thing
tim hitchins: lol well i wouldn't say that but i like your perspective on it Chris, cheers matesmile
Very nice work Tim. I like the array of reflections and colours.
tim hitchins: cheers Bernie, yes i was most surprised how well it turned out m8, luckily i think the work top had just been polished lolsmile
It's like a painting. Amazing photo.
tim hitchins: well thank you Albert, really happy you thought sosmile
  • Ellie
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Oct 2008, 15:26
That's nice, I do like this.

Looks like you used a worktop of a coffee shop?

I'm intrigued too by the "treatment" you may have used, it's given the place an almost opulent feel
tim hitchins: most appreciated Ellie, yes its a worktop round a fountain the image is just two shots blended together which i am not very good at but getting better i feelsmile
  • The Utopia of my heart
  • 20 Oct 2008, 18:59
You are without a doubt a Jedi master in the art of plonking, Mr H.

tim hitchins: lol nice one Paul, yes it wasn't a bad plonk wasn't it grin most appreciated matesmile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 20 Oct 2008, 19:03
You must have done something awfull to scare them all out f there. Excellent picture - if I am not mistaken then your focus was more on the shiny surface?
tim hitchins: i know Louis in hindsight i should have stopped down with the aperture some more to get some more detail, lesson learnt and cheers Louissmile have a good day budsmile
  • Fabrice
  • France
  • 20 Oct 2008, 19:52
Wonderful shot, Tim, I like it !

One question : In this shopping mall there is nobody! I am surprised!
It Yours?
tim hitchins: lol that would be nice Fabricesmile i think we just got in before they locked the gates, lucky eh, cheers Fabricesmile
Hey Tim, what a glorious shot!
Beautiful colours.
Great smile
tim hitchins: well cheers Gabor, glad you liked it mateysmile
That good taking! The reflections overlap a con others and that also causes that the photo is excellent. Good work!
tim hitchins: coming from you Jose that's a big plus in my book, cheerssmile
Espectacular. Muy bien vista.
tim hitchins: gracious, hope thats how they spell itgrin
Effectively with stylish reflections!
Attentive photographer Tim, and not a cone, as far as the eye can seesmile
tim hitchins: cone? attentive me Sussi well i am happy with that thought lol, cheers and have a nice daysmile
Whether you "plonked" your camera down or put it down carefully Tim this is a well seen and executed photograph. Well done.
tim hitchins: well thank you very much Brian and yes i just placed it on the work top rather surprised how well it turned out myselfsmile
  • _Monika_
  • United Kingdom
  • 21 Oct 2008, 23:34
And some poor cleaner will swear you day after for ruining his / her work - leaving shoe and tripod prints! Anyway, it was worth it, great reflection, looks so luxurious...
tim hitchins: well thank you very much Stefania so glad you liked itsmile enjoy your day. Tried several times to follow your link unsuccessfully, any idea's? Send me your addy would like to see your worksmile

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