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must have spent 6 hours or so photographing these bits of wood  and i still haven't  come up with something i am totally happy with but due to lack of new material :)


must have spent 6 hours or so photographing these bits of wood  and i still haven't  come up with something i am totally happy with but due to lack of new material :)

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Thanks, Tim, for your comments. I could watch your photos forever without feeling tired, I love them ... smile
Happy weekend!!
tim hitchins: you are too kind M.Isabel, but i like itsmile
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 5 Jul 2009, 01:38
Looks good to me Tim
tim hitchins: glad you thought so zedsmile
I like smile
tim hitchins: i like you like debolagrin
  • JulianG
  • Argentina
  • 5 Jul 2009, 03:04
this one I like very much Tim! smile
tim hitchins: thank you very much Juliansmile
  • kay
  • toasty pacific northwest
  • 5 Jul 2009, 04:00
As usual, another winner, Tim! I like the mist.
tim hitchins: well i am so happy you should think so Kaysmile
  • Kathryn
  • California
  • 5 Jul 2009, 06:57
interesting bits of wood--disheartening to spend 6 hours and take many many photographs and not be completely happy with one, I know. But Tim, it is from that experience that I am often able to see things in a new, creative and different way--once I load the photographs onto my computer, I can analyze and rethink how I might do it the next time. It is a learning process, isn't it?

Ask me how many poppy photographs I took before I found one that captured the essence of poppies for me? *grin* you don't really want to know ;-)
tim hitchins: lol yes i do Kathryngrin most appreciated and have a nice daysmile
After so long you must have a groin strain Tim.

This is good, can't see what would improve it other than clone out that bit sticking out of the water on the extreme left, which once seen distracts
tim hitchins: lol nice one Bill, enjoying the fine weather i hopesmile
If its bits of wood you want then this looks fine to me. But look at it with different eye - my sci-fi views. This is alien immigrants emerging from the misty deep to see what its like on land!
tim hitchins: lol well thats a unusual perspective Sheila but i like itsmile have a nice daysmile
Hey Mr Perfectionist, clearly not a terrible shot from all of the positive comments you have received! I know what you mean though, that vision, what our eyes see - can be so, so different to what the camera sees. Dom
tim hitchins: very true and with my eye's its often totally different lol, much appreciated Domsmile
  • Aussie
  • Australia
  • 5 Jul 2009, 08:09
Love it Tim, I would be happy with this one
tim hitchins: really happy too hear so Aussiesmile
Not much wrong with this Tim.
tim hitchins: chuffed you think so Berniesmile hope all is well.
This is great for me Tim. I can't see how you could improve it!
Not too bad though Tim
Very surreal and moody.
tim hitchins: chuffed you think so Rob m8, cheerssmile
  • Mary MacADNski
  • Beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • 5 Jul 2009, 12:03
I have done that too - trying to get a photo just right. I don't use post-processing but used to go through a lot of film. Digital is so great that way.

This shot is so mysterious and wonderful. You did a fine job.
tim hitchins: well thank you very much Mary and yes thank god for digital eh these bits of wood would have cost me a small fortune in the days of filmsmile
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 5 Jul 2009, 12:08
My oh my.....92 seconds and still not happy????
grin Tim, just kidding, this is a joy for the eye, however I do know what you mean, to me this is fabulous, but the 'maker' will always 'see' something he does not like.
tim hitchins: lol yes Astrid i am my own worst enemy at times never pleased with owt i do lol, really happy you like it and all the best Astridsmile
Like it a lot. Fabulous and mysterious, great shot. Cheers, HC
tim hitchins: great perspective HCsmile
  • KenC
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Jul 2009, 13:07
Like most Tim..not sure how this could be improved,i would certainly be happy to have taken this.
... of wood !
Great B&W, Tim.
tim hitchins: thank you very much Fabricesmile
I really like where you are going with this, I'm assuming you would have preferred the wood to be a tadge sharper?
tim hitchins: a tad maybe Nigel, mainly i wanted more sky but it was pants that day, oh well next time ehsmile
  • Chris
  • England
  • 5 Jul 2009, 19:07
I'd be happy with this!
tim hitchins: so happy you would be Chrissmile have a nice day m8.
A fine image Tim. Well worth the effort.
tim hitchins: very much appreciated Ron, glad you think so smile
Wow, wonderful likey for me !
tim hitchins: well thank you Zeb, chuffed you like it so much my friendsmile
Absolutely gorgeous Tim.... Loving this.....
tim hitchins: well thank you very much Solasmile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 6 Jul 2009, 02:32
"Totally happy" is a rather rare space.
I like this a lot, especially for the heavy atmospherics you seem to have simulated.
tim hitchins: chuffed with your perspective here Ray, cheers and have a nice day m8smile
A very good work for me smile
LOL running out of material is pretty dangerous, thank god there is some wood left for u theresmile.On this shot seems like you are flying with ur camera above the wood.
  • Travis
  • United States
  • 6 Jul 2009, 14:02
you're hard on yourself. I'd be quite proud of this result.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 6 Jul 2009, 14:46
Hey tim, are you out there in the fog?

The title sort of reminds me not to play hopscotch on these poles.
I totally understand what you are feeling. The image is great but not super indeed, but probably I would also post something after spending 6 hours.

I think if the wood would be super sharp then you end up with something fantastic.
tim hitchins: will try some selective sharpening Paul to see what i come up with, its not something i have tried but i shall try;0 cheers m8.
  • aa
  • United States
  • 21 Jul 2009, 23:02
Nice.. I've actually seen something like this in a famous print, so your lack of new material actually brought out something nice.
This is gorgeous photo. I feel like I have seen this before or atleast similar. Are you on deviantART?
tim hitchins: will try the deviant art again Tuomas but they said my ip addy was bannedsad most appreciated for suresmile

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